How To Install OnStream APK on Google TV Chromecast?

When you combine OnStream with your Google TV Chromecast, you will be unstoppable. Google TV is a much better streaming device in the market which brings out all the movies and tv shows from your services to your tv’s home screen. When you use OnStream APK on Chromecast Google TV, all the contents such as movies and tv shows of the onstream app will be available on the home screen of your Google TV.

That’s the biggest advantage for the Google TV users and if you are one of them, you can pick a movie from the Home screen of your Google TV. It means that you don’t need to open the onstream app and search for a movie to watch it. Pretty interesting right? Let’s get started to witness the wonder.

Why Should You Try OnStream on Google TV Chromecast?

Below are major reasons to try out the onstream app on your google tv. All these are the opinions of your fellow google tv users and it’s not my personal opinion alone.

1. Access Movies & TV Shows On Google TV's Home Screen

When you install and use the onstream app or any other movie app on your google tv, you will get content recommendations from all those apps straight on your google tv’s home screen.

2. Regular Content Updates

Onstream app will release the updates to its contents and you can watch the latest episodes and latest movies without a miss. On the other hand, you will get regular app updates with major bug fixes, etc.

3. No Errors & App Crashes

OnStream is one of the best error free movie apps. I can firmly say that you won’t get any errors while watching the content you like. Moreover, you won’t see any lags and app crashes. If you get any such issue, you can just close the app and reopen it to solve the issue.

4. Multi Subtitles

When you use any movie app on your google tv, you will get subtitles only in one language at a time. But OnStream on Google TV Chromecast can display subtitles in multiple languages at a time. Let’s say for example, you are watching a foreign language film, you will get subtitles of that language along with the english language.

5. Download Content On Google TV Chromecast

Not just watching the content online, you can also download them to your google tv. So, you can watch them later whenever you want to watch even when there is no internet connection. On top of that, you won’t have any restrictions in terms of the number of downloads.

Install OnStream APK on Chromecast Google TV [All Versions]

Google TV Chromecast is one of the most advanced streaming devices and better than Fire TV Stick. If you have a google tv chromecast, you can do a lot of things with it along with streaming content. Okay, let’s confine ourselves to it for now and will see other stuff later.

  • Go to your profile on the right hand side and tap Settings to open it.
install onstream apk on chromecast
  • Scroll down to System and tap OK to open it.
  • Select About and scroll down to Android TV OS Build and press the OK button on your Google TV remote for 7 times to enable developer options.
  • Soon, you will become a developer on your Google TV Chromecast and you will see a message “You are now a developer”.
  • Once this option is enabled, Go back to the home screen of your Google TV Chromecast and search for the “Downloader” using text or voice command.
search for the downloader app on chromecast
  • Select the downloader app and click “Install” option now.
install downloader app
  • Please wait while the Downloader by AFTVnews is getting added to your chromecast.
  • Select “Open” option and press the OK button your chromecast button to open the downloader app.
  • Press “Allow” option when you see a prompt from the downloader app.
  • Press Ok button when you see the Quick Start Guide prompt.
  • Come back to the home screen of your google tv and go to Settings again.
  • Navigate to Apps section now.
  • Scroll down and select Security & Restrictions option.
  • Select Unknown Sources and you will see the downloader app in the list.
  • Toggle on the unknown sources for the Downloader app.
  • Come back to the home screen of your google tv and launch the downloader application.
  • Go to browser option and enter the url and hit “Go” button.
  • Do not close the downloader app while the apk file of the onstream app is getting downloaded to your google chromecast.
  • Click “Install” button when you see a prompt.
  • At the end, tap “Done” option or press the “Open” option.

You have successfully installed onstream on google chromecast tv. Now, you can launch the app and watch all the shows and series and movies for free of cost. Do not forget the fact that Google TV will bring out the content from the app to your home screen. So, you can select the movies or shows from your home screen itself.

Conclusion - You Can Sideload OnStream APK on Google TV Chromecast

Sideloading the onstream apk file to your chromecast is not a difficult task. It can be achieved by following a set of instructions shared in this article above. Make sure to install the downloader app and enable the developer options & unknown sources for the downloader app. Then, enter the download link of the apk file and press “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.